Every day, people inside buildings count on public safety to protect them, occupants need to be able to send and receive alerts during an emergency situation specially to first responders such fire and police department workers updating constantly critical information about the incident . During a emergency situation such fire or shooting the first responders use portable radios (known as land mobile radios, or LMRs) as a critical communication tool which operate on the public safety frequency, to be able to operate reliably anywhere within a building always is crucial that all the building be verified often checking the area coverage preventing unpredictability  and in case the building doesn’t comply with the public safety requirements for minimum coverage the building owner will need to provide a remediation to fix the coverage within the building.
The purpose of the Signal Booster system is to enhance a two-way radio communications signal specially for Public Safety radios used by the  Police and Fire Rescue agencies, there is many options according with type of building, system and frequency.

  • Verify that coverage is compliant to local ordinances
  • First responders need to identify each other and coordinate response